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Meet the Team

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About Minc

Minc is a “Catalyst” to grow your ICT maturity to reach its full potential.


Minc’s focus on “ICT MANAGEMENT” ensures that “People, Processes, Technology and Data” is optimally managed to ensure an efficient ICT operation.


As your “ICT Trusted Advisor” Minc offers the knowledge, experience, and subject matter expertise required for advising business ICT strategy in an ever-growing digital era.


The “Auditor” cannot be the “Implementor”. Guidance will be provided to uplift the technical skills.


Our team comprises of 100% Namibian owned, vendor independent management consulting firms and individuals combining unique expertise, providing quality services and creative solutions.


Our team does, neither directly nor indirectly, engage in the selling of any ICT hardware or software products but focuses exclusively on ICT consulting services.

We thank Namibia Post Limited for considering our proposal for the Provision of PCI DSS Compliance Project Management Services. Minc confirms its interest and assures first-class solutions offered.


Experience in Advisory Services:

  1. Banking Sector: PCI-DSS Projects, Systems Implementation, Data Analytics and National Payment System Integration

  2. Forensic Industry: Tender solution design in line with PCI-DSS requirements

  3. Pension Fund Industry: Virtual CIO Services, Governance, Risk and Controls

  4. Building Society Industry: Virtual CIO Services, Governance, Risk and Controls

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